New Employee Round-up: June 2021

6 min read

As more veterinary practices join the Vetstoria community, our team has grown to help our customers worldwide!

We added 9 new members to our Vetstoria family across multiple regions (the UK, USA, and APAC) in June. We wanted to take a moment to welcome and introduce them to you.

Latischa Jones

Client Services Associate, United States

Latischa is the latest member of our Client Services team in the US. She was a military kid who spent her childhood traveling around the US and Europe.

Latischa has worked in the veterinary industry since 2003. When she is free, she enjoys cooking amazing seafood dishes. 🍀

Diluka Karunathilake

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Sri Lanka

We expanded our product quality assurance team further in June to make sure you get the best experience using Vetstoria. Diluka is our newest member working out of our Sri Lankan office.

He loves to play futsal when he is free, and his love for running has seen him take part in the 2018 Singapore marathon and a few others in Colombo, Sri Lanka. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Diluka also likes to read books and travel whenever he gets the chance.

Dilan Jayamanne

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

We are happy to have Dilan join our software engineering team, where we provide a totally immersive environment for all of them.

He is very passionate about software development and electronics, so he even has a Youtube channel covering these topics! There you go, we have a YouTuber in Vetstoria 😜 (don’t forget to subscribe to his channel: Dilan_JT). πŸŽ₯

Furthermore, Dilan volunteers teaching children how they too can build a career in IT.

Hasvin Gunasekara

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

Hasvin is also a new member of our product development team, and we are excited to have him on board.

His interests are in researching and building machine learning programs. He also enjoys learning about new technologies and vehicles. πŸš™

Suhith Nanayakkara

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

Suhith is the third new member of our ever-growing and evolving engineering team based in Sri Lanka.

His passion strongly lies in software development, and he is very keen on exploring new technologies, stepping out of his comfort zone. Suhith loves playing cricket, traveling and recently discovered his interest in cooking delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. πŸ›

Paul Zedek

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

Paul is a great guitarist, adores music so much, and even has a YouTube page with amazing guitar videos. Make sure you subscribe to his channel too πŸ˜‰: Paul Melchi Zedek. 🎸

He is always up for challenges involving work as he thinks it helps him step out of his comfort zone. Paul also loves to travel and hike whenever he gets the chance to relax and have some peace of mind.

Gibran Kasif

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

What can be better than having a Minecraft game expert joining your product team? The skills he learned mastering such a complex game translate perfectly into his new role at Vetstoria.

He is very passionate about full-stack development and is keen to explore more to enhance his knowledge.

Pamudu Bandara

Trainee Software Engineer, Sri Lanka

For as long as Pamudu can remember, he wanted to become a Software Engineer, and this June, he made it happen. Cheers to dreams coming true!

He enjoys swimming and competing in karate and has taken part in several championships. πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

Kasun Samarasinghe

Manager – Finance, Sri Lanka

Our new Finance Manager has had a wealth of global experience in a wide variety of industries.

He loves nature and traveling around Sri Lanka, his favorite being the hillsides. His connection to nature has led him to grow and maintain his very own garden. In fact, he dreams of running his very own farm after he is finished up with his illustrious career. 🌳