Top 8 Veterinary Podcast Sites You Must Follow and Why

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Veterinary Podcast: The Top 8 Informative Podcast Sites You Must Follow

Veterinary podcasts are an episodic series of verbal and digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for comfortable listening. As a veterinary professional, you likely have a love of learning and discovering new things. However, it’s so tough to find time to expand your knowledge, explore new things and stay updated with the vet industry trends. So, what better way to do so than through a convenient veterinary podcast? Listening to veterinary podcasts is the most time-efficient option for you, as you can do it in the car, in the shower, or in the kitchen, and learn great ways to make the most of your career. Here are our top picks for informative veterinary podcasts that you can sign up for

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1. WhiskerTalks

Hosted by WhiskerCloud CEO Adam Greenbaum, WhiskerTalks is a podcast that offers marketing and business tips for the veterinary industry. Many of the episodes also discuss well-being, practice culture, and employee satisfaction and happiness. Each episode lasts about an hour, so they’re perfect for a longer commute or while you get ready for work in the morning.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 You Should Be Promoting Employee Growth – This episode discusses how to promote a positive culture within the workplace by encouraging upper management to focus on employee growth and happiness.

🟣 Veterinary Medicine Must Embrace Technology – This episode shares how to automate more aspects of your business, saving you time, energy, and ultimately, money.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers, Owners, Social Media Managers, and Marketing Managers

2. The Modern Veterinary Practice Podcast

The Modern Veterinary Practice Podcast examines ways of increasing efficiency, improving your team’s work environment, elevating your clients’ experience, and driving profit into the business. Each episode lasts between 20 and 25 minutes, making them manageable chunks to squeeze into your day.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 Examining the Evolution of the Veterinary Client Journey – If you’re struggling to communicate with your clients in the way they want and provide stellar service, this episode is for you.

🟣 Reimagining Pet Health Plans – Re-thinking the current services you offer your clients can help grow your practice, all while catering to what your clients want in order to care for their pets.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers and Owners

3. The Veterinary Marketing Podcast

The Veterinary Marketing Podcast, publishing episodes weekly, typically discusses how to attract, engage, and retain clients using digital marketing. If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have enough time to implement an effective digital marketing strategy, this podcast will help you quickly and easily reach your clients online. Episode length varies greatly, from just a few minutes to an hour, with most episodes remaining on the shorter side.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 How Content and Email Marketing Can Help Your Practice Grow with Abby Herman – Tips on how to best use content and email marketing to remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds are shared in this episode.

🟣 Time-Saving Tools and Tips to Help Get More Marketing Done – The tips shared in this quick episode will save your marketing manager’s time, helping your practice’s digital marketing team become more effective and efficient.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Social Media & Marketing Managers, Veterinary Marketing Agencies

4. The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast

The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast helps busy veterinary professionals improve every aspect of their lives, covering topic areas like stress, compassion fatigue, client issues, time management, leadership, team building, and practice management. If you need help creating a balance between your work and your life, this is the podcast for you. Most episodes last about half an hour, but some are longer.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 Client Fatigue and Exhaustion – unpleasant, demanding clients are a major issue in veterinary medicine and it affects employee happiness, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. While you have no control over the attitude of a client, you can make sure your unhappy employee is taken care of. This episode teaches you how to boost employee satisfaction, and to handle challenging clients better in the future

🟣 Complaining with Karlene Belyea – Chronic complainers, whether clients or co-workers, can become incredibly pervasive in practice culture and negatively affect teams, but this episode discusses how to change chronic complaining habits and promote a positive attitude.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers

5. The Uncharted Veterinary Podcast

The Uncharted Veterinary Podcast covers a wide range of topics, including client communication, toxic co-workers, workplace efficiency, and marketing. This podcast is designed to increase your success and enjoyment from your career by handling the difficult daily parts of practice that don’t often get discussed. Each episode lasts about an hour.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 Front Desk As “Other” – Most veterinary practices are divided into “the front” and “the back,” and this episode talks about how a CSR can bridge the gap between the two in the name of better patient care, better customer service, and a happier workplace.

🟣 What Really Keeps Technicians Engaged and Satisfied – Happy technicians who are satisfied with their role and their practice are worth their weight in gold. This is episode will show you how to keep these essential team members engaged and productive.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers, Marketing Managers, and Veterinary Marketing Agencies

6. The Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast

The Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast stays on top of current events by touching base on all veterinary-related topics, from breaking news and industry updates to innovative tech and mental health issues in the field. Each episode lasts about half an hour, the perfect amount of time to make these weighty topics easily digestible.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 How Positive Leadership Can Save Your Practice with Josh Vaisman – Positive work cultures begin with positive leaders, which can help maintain a cheerful outlook during stressful workdays. Through this episode, you will learn how to find positivity in daily practice and what to do when you encounter negative vibes, poor managers, and toxic teammates.

🟣 Are We Confusing Our Clients? Baffling Invoices, Exam Room Jargon, & Inconsistent Recommendations In Veterinary Practice – Clients can become confused and even upset when faced with inconsistent communication within a veterinary practice. This episode will help you discover how to boost customer service and better care for your clients by remaining clear and consistent.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers and Owners

7. The Inventory Nation Podcast

The Inventory Nation Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give you tips and strategies to level up your inventory by hearing stories from other veterinary professionals. They’ll be sharing what works for them, their successes, and their strategies, so you can learn from others just like you and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Episode length ranges from half an hour to an hour.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 Your Top 3 Inventory Frustrations and What To Do About Them – Inventory management can be a time-consuming challenge, but this episode helps you handle your inventory better, saving your team time and effort.

🟣 Inventory Monster, Online Pharmacies, and More with Stephanie Goss – This episode discusses how to choose the right online pharmacy to meet both the needs of your practice and your clients by offering this convenient service. It also contains tips on how to designate an inventory specialist, rather than adding this time-consuming duty to other tasks.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers, Owners, and Inventory Managers

8. The PAWSitive Leadership Podcast

The PAWSitive Leadership Podcast offers everything a practice manager needs to know by providing relevant content, material, guidelines, instruction, feedback, and pro tips and tricks granted by real-life experience. With topics from areas like marketing, Recruitment, and legal, you’ll definitely want to listen to this podcast. Each episode runs about 45 minutes to an hour-long.

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

🟣 More Than a Website with Adam Greenbaum at WhiskerCloud – During this session, Adam dives deep into data analytics, SEO, good habits to build the practice brand, and the importance of having a website that works for the practice and clients.

🟣 What Vet Med Gets Right (and Wrong) About Compassionate Euthanasia with Craig Lassen – This episode teaches you to serve your clients better by being a pillar of support during their most difficult times.

Who should listen to these veterinary podcasts: Practice Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Agencies

Final Thoughts

Veterinary podcasts are an excellent source of the latest industry news, tips and tricks to make your practice and team more efficient, and methods of communicating with and reaching your clients. With various durations and innumerable topics, podcasts will provide you with tons of useful listening material. Start creating your podcast playlist now.