4 Ways to Increase Veterinary Marketing ROI with Vetstoria

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Identifying the results from your veterinary marketing spend or conducting an attributional analysis is no walk in the (dog?) park. It’s tough when your campaigns act as multiple touchpoints until a pet owner becomes a new customer, so you aren’t certain of your traffic sources.

And it becomes a tedious process when your team is overseeing a large number of practices with various circumstances and sizes. Your goal for each practice likely differs: some may want to optimize their existing operations, one may want to get more customers. Either way, you’d like to see all your practices grow and ensure that growth is scalable.

So, how do you ensure that you get the most out of your veterinary marketing promotions? Vetstoria has some great features inbuilt for digital marketing and analytics, so here’s how you can use them to make the most of your marketing efforts.

1. Get a deep understanding of pet owner behavior with Vetstoria analytics.

To measure the ROI of your campaign, you would need to pay attention to metrics like the number of new users or new pet owners to each practice, time spent on each of your practice websites, the appointments’ origins, cost per click or lead (depending on which you measure), and conversions from each source.

With Vetstoria, most practices find out that 30% to 40% of their total appointments are made outside of office hours. This means that pet owners book appointments at convenient times for them. And that’s just one of the statistics you’ll learn from our dashboard.

With our analytics and reporting capabilities, you can discover the best time to run promotions — including the most optimal day of the week. You can learn the time most appointments are booked, the date of the week, and so on.

You also get to identify results like the origin of your appointments, so you know which channel was the most effective. You’ll also be able to note the devices from which they book appointments and whether they dropped out from the booking process at any stage. This helps to identify which steps of the booking process your practices need to improve so you do not lose out on any revenue.

All of this data can then be fed back into your existing campaigns to target your promotions better and ensure your team maximizes campaign results.

2. Formulate predictive analytics using insights from the corporate dashboard.

Once you’re on board with Vetstoria, you get to see all of the data pertaining to your many practices under a custom corporate dashboard. These range from the total number of appointments to new clients, complete dropout analysis, appointments made outside of office hours, and more. Each of the corporate dashboard graphs can be exported, so your teams can work to interpret these insights with our customer success team.

Vetstoria dashboard to track your veterinary marketing spend

This data can also be derived on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, so you can see specific trends and patterns in pet owner behavior and then apply them to your marketing activities. During quarterly performance reviews with our customer success team, you will also get to discuss benchmarking data and aggregated anonymized data of the practices within your group to get an understanding of the average number of total appointments, new clients, and bookings made outside of office hours.

The corporate dashboard also helps you form predictions and trends about pet owners so that you can spend your marketing budgets wisely.

3. Set the right campaign goals with our campaign link builder for effective veterinary marketing.

With Vetstoria’s campaign link builder, you can determine the campaign’s purpose and decide on the call to action you’d like pet owners to take.

Once you click “Create a campaign,” the fields allow you to input details such as the name of the campaign, payments (if applicable), the appointment type you want to offer, and the duration of the campaign. Further, you can specify whether you’re looking to treat just one type of species and even which vet will be providing treatments. Vetstoria’s analytics help you discover which species get the greatest number of appointments as well as the most booked vet. This could be an opportunity to boost those underutilized time slots of any practice within your group.

These are just a few of the various rules and customizations at your disposal to make the promotion as specific as possible.

4. Explore various channels and make it easy to take action with our integrated links.

To improve your veterinary marketing ROI, you would want to run tests — and on as many channels as possible. The campaign smart links you create via our digital marketing feature can be linked to various social channels, including Google My Business, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few. A highlight of this feature is that these links are tracked via Vetstoria’s analytics dashboard to help you understand how well the campaign performed, i.e., the number of appointments that pet owners book via the campaign link. You can also identify such results as the origin of your appointments, so you know which channel was the most effective.

ROI dashboard to track your veterinary marketing spend with Vetstoria

Not only can your teams add campaign links on social media promos, but you can also embed the Vetstoria booking link directly in your social media channels. Vetstoria offers integrated booking links under the settings of the Vetstoria dashboard. These can be added as a “Book now” button on each channel to take pet owners directly to the booking widget. This makes it easier for pet owners to access the booking tool or platform, reducing each practice’s volume of phone calls. The keys are to increase your practices’ visibility as much as possible and help pet owners take action as soon as they discover one.

So, what’s next?

Increasing your veterinary marketing ROI across your group is tedious because each practice behaves differently based on its location and user preferences. Platforms like Vetstoria streamline managing multiple practices by offering an excellent grasp of user behavior via our analytics and helping you run campaigns efficiently with digital marketing. Learn more about it here.

If you want to learn about the specific analytics and data available to you, feel free to download this quick guide.