Vetstoria and WhiskerCloud: The best-in-class solution for time-strapped veterinary teams!

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Providing pet owners with a streamlined online booking experience is great, but what’s next you ask? Regardless of where you are on your journey, boosting your online presence is a must for your clinic’s growth. It all kicks off with a finely-tuned website that guides pet owners seamlessly – whether it’s booking an appointment or getting to know your opening hours, clinic or team.

This is why we’re joining forces with our friends at WhiskerCloud, and the excitement is spreading like wildfire! Together, we’re expanding our horizons and bringing you an even more incredible range of services to improve your digital presence. 

Why Vetstoria? 

Over 6000 leading clinics put their trust in us to make everyday life at the clinic easier. Vetstoria makes online booking as smooth as butter – for both your fantastic staff and clients. We’re not tooting our own horn, but we’ve got a knack for understanding your clinic’s schedule while seamlessly integrating with over 30+ PIMS, offering a range of customizations, prepayments, and so much more.

Why WhiskerCloud?

We booked 3 million appointments last year, through online booking, and we know that 65% of these were booked via mobile. So it’s so important that you have a great, mobile responsive website that you know will allow a customer to find the button to book – quickly and correctly. 

The WhiskerCloud crew is all about crafting custom, drop-dead gorgeous,  mobile-friendly websites for veterinary clinics. They’re wizards at modern digital marketing to lure in more clients and they’ve sprinkled their magic across thousands of veterinary clinics worldwide, giving them a fresh online makeover!

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential and your website is your persona. It’s your platform for showcasing your capabilities, connecting with more people, and managing your reputation. This is precisely what WhiskerCloud does for you, with a dedicated team to assist you. You’ll get unlimited website updates, edits, and additions because, like us, your business is constantly evolving.

Once WhiskerCloud creates a website that matches your clinic’s needs, Vetstoria steps in. We seamlessly integrate the Vetstoria booking tool onto your site, making it easy for pet owners to schedule appointments. Thanks to our many customizations and rules, it keeps you in the driver’s seat, ensuring no double bookings or those ‘oops, I booked the wrong vet’ moments.

What advantages does this collaboration bring to your clinic?

Attract more clients – Drawing in clients is a breeze thanks to the tailor-made, user-friendly, mobile-responsive website coupled with a prominent Google presence. 

Retaining customers – Offering the convenience of around-the-clock online booking will ensure that your pet parents keep coming back for more.

Help combat burnout – Your people are your best asset – let’s keep them happy by helping them to shed the mundane tasks, save time, and focus on more important tasks.

Improve team & customer satisfaction – Let your customers make payments when they book, fill out forms online and let us handle your promotions and  important website updates.

Reduce no-shows – Taking pre-payments also eliminates wait times and the discomfort of paying, preventing these from tarnishing your client experience.

The ultimate digital veterinary powerhouse

We’re not just broadening our toolbox; we’re reinforcing our commitment to revolutionize veterinary medicine for the better, and with Vetstoria and WhiskerCloud by your side, you’ll have more time, attract more clients, and focus on what truly matters – delivering outstanding care for pets while crafting a powerful online presence.

To discover how Vetstoria and WhiskerCloud can elevate your veterinary clinic’s digital growth to the next level. Click here.