Vetstoria Now Integrates with VetSCOPE

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We are elated to announce that Vetstoria can now integrate with VetSCOPE, the leading provider of veterinary practice management systems with over 1,000 users across Ireland and the U.K.

Veterinarians in the region, particularly those who treat small animals, will save hours of admin time every week, enabling the front-desk staff to focus more on patient care and less on the phone.

If you’re a VetSCOPE user, here’s why adding Vetstoria would help your practice.

  • Reduce admin stress with automated online appointment scheduling.

With Vetstoria, you can offer 24/7 automated appointment scheduling, reminders, and confirmations. This helps reduce the number of phone calls you receive daily.

  • Improve pet-owner experience.

Our data says that over 70% of pet owners like booking online. This helps pet owners directly book appointments without any staff intervention and gives them instant confirmation.

  • Increase revenue for your practice.

Online appointments mean pet owners can book anytime, including outside of regular business hours, to book appointments. Add payments to each appointment type, and you will be stacking up more revenue for your practice in no time.

How does connecting VetSCOPE and Vetstoria work?

  • Real-time calendar sync between Vetstoria and VetSCOPE

Our team will help you connect Vetstoria with VetSCOPE to provide real-time availability to pet owners. No double-booking, and pet owners get instant appointment confirmation.

  • Gain control with scheduling rules.

Often, online booking can create some anxiety because your practice is sharing your availability. What if pet owners take up all the time slots you have? Vetstoria offers the capability to customize or set rules to keep control of your availability. These range from how you want to provide your available time slots to customizing per each clinician’s preferences, including which species they wish to treat.

  • Get social and increase visibility.

Integrate your practice website with Vetstoria and add the direct booking link to your social channels, email campaigns, and text messages, so pet owners have many channels to book appointments — all of which are reflected instantly in VetSCOPE.

About the integration, Stephen Lawler, the CEO of VetSCOPE, said,

“An online booking system that frees up busy administration staff has been a request from our customers. We have worked with the leading online booking system in the world, Vetstoria, to provide the link to VetSCOPE. Clients may now make appointments on their veterinary practice website, and the appointment will appear directly in the VetSCOPE calendar within specified rules, keeping you in control. This can be a game-changer in many practices that are struggling to cope with increased demand in small-animal appointments in recent years.”

Stephen Lawler

– Stephen Lawler, CEO of VetSCOPE

This integration has been highly anticipated, as explained by our CEO, Julien Renard:

“It’s fantastic that we are able to announce the partnership. We have heard positive feedback from mutual clients so far. I’m sure more and more clinics will join and start benefiting from the integration, which our engineers on both sides have done a great job on.”

Stephen Lawler

– Dr Julien Renard, CEO of Vetstoria

There will be technical requirements involved for some clinics. The best way to start is by booking a quick 10-minute call with one of our product specialists for a demo, where you can explore the options.

If you are using VetSCOPE and would like to learn more, book a demo now.