6 of the Most Popular Veterinary Influencers on Instagram

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Veterinary Influencers on Instagram - Vetstoria

Veterinary influencers on Instagram have the power to persuade their followers to choose one veterinary practice over another based on their recommendation or affiliation. They have this power because they’ve built trust with their audiences over time.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your practice and get more pet owners through the doors, we highly recommend developing solid relationships with influencers. This blog will help you get started with influencer marketing for your practice and list 5 of the most popular influencers you can consider today!

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Getting started with veterinary influencer marketing

🟣 Identify your main goal for influencer marketing – like promoting your services, increasing brand awareness, or acquiring new clients

🟣 Define the characteristics of a suitable influencer profile to achieve your goals – the type of audience, number of followers, their profile, quality of content

🟣 Discover the potential influencers – you can do this with the help of tools like BuzzSumo, LinkedIn, and Ninja Outreach or consult an agency to deliver sponsored imagery, branded content, and social influencer services

🟣 Decide on the rewards you want to offer the influencer in exchange for the publicity – financial rewards or free services from your clinic are common

🟣 Mutually agree on what the influencer would be highlighting – you can let the influencer visit your practice and experience your services by themselves

🟣 Measure the results acquired from the program – measure metrics like the number of new clients, ROI, or additional followers gained as a result of this campaign

6 of the most popular veterinary influencers you can find today:

1. Dr Evan Antin

Instagram Handle: @dr.evanantin

Followers: 1.3 million 

Location: Colorado, United States

Dr Evan Antin is currently an Exotic, Small, and Wildlife Vet at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital based in Colorado, United States. What’s more exciting is that Dr Evan has authored a book on the topic “World Wild Vet,” which affirms his experience and knowledge in the veterinary field 👏. Furthermore, his Instagram page has over 1.3 million followers and has exciting content centered around wildlife and small animals. He currently has over 1,500 posts, and one of his latest posts received over 34.5K likes and 112 comments proving how engaged his audience is.

2. Chris Brown

Instagram Handle: @drchrisbrown

Followers: 628K

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Veterinarian and TV Host Chris Brown is hugely famous on Instagram with a total follower count of 628,500. If your clinic is based in New South Wales, Australia, he is precisely the influencer you should get in touch with. Dr Brown also generously takes part in and conducts campaigns that help animals in need. For example, he recently produced pet tips or ways to help animals affected by bushfires. His posts with animals are incredibly adorable, and he gets an average of 19-21K likes followed by around 400 comments. I bet you won’t want to stop scrolling through his profile, and here’s one of our favorites:

3. Dr Jan Pol

Instagram Handle: @thedrpol

Followers: 445K

Location: Weidman, Michigan, United States

If you’re anywhere near Michigan, United States, you should consider partnering with Dr Jan Pol. He is a highly influential and knowledgeable Veterinarian with around 50 years of experience in veterinary medicine. Dr Pol recently posted a series of Instagram videos (IGTV), covering a range of exciting topics, and is pretty active on his daily Instagram stories. Dr Pol’s posts get an average of 25k likes and over 550 comments showing you how much reach it can give your practice if you partnered with him. Apart from endorsing your practice, his experience can be an excellent source of knowledge.

4. André Santos

Instagram Handle: @andresantosvet

Followers: 379K

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Santos is a very active veterinarian at Veterinary Hospital Restelo, who constantly updates his Instagram feed with his daily vet life💉🏋🏻‍♂️ and clinical cases, which you can find on his saved highlights:

Furthermore, he has 379K followers on his Instagram and over 1300 adorable posts with his patients. We see an average of 42K likes on his posts and around 650 comments. You can reach Dr Santos on his email address in his bio or directly message him if you want to get in touch.

5. Dr Lauren Thielen

Instagram Handle: @dr.laurenthielen

Followers: 59.7K

Location: Texas, United States

Another impressive veterinary influencer is Dr Lauren Thielen, who is an exotic animal veterinarian at ABVP diplomate – Avian Practice. Dr Thielen, from Texas, US, has over 59K followers on her Instagram and gets an average of 6k likes on her regular posts. Her pictures are undoubtedly amongst the most adorable ones you’ll find on social media, and looking at them will make your day. By posting the variety of species she consults, Lauren showcases that she is the right influencer if you want to reach parents of exotic pets. Here’s a picture of her with a Ring-ailed Lemur:

6. Dr Michael Lazaris

Instagram Handle: @drlazaris_vet

Followers: 53.9K

Location: London, UK

A special mention for Dr Michael Lazaris who is not only a wonderful Instagrammer but also a forward-thinking entrepreneur. Together with co-founder Ellie Cavale, they opened the only independent veterinary practice in Clapham, South London after working many years as a vet globally.

Vets on The Common launched in Oct 2021, with Vetstoria online booking and triage already in place to save admin time. We are seeing this fast adoption of technology more and more with independent practices opening up post-COVD. It’s wonderful to see the resurgence of independent practices and how they have embraced online booking. All the best Michael! Sending love to everyone at Vets on the Common.

Final thoughts

Veterinary Influencers are an essential part of marketing a veterinary practice today, as millennials are now the largest segment of pet owners, with Gen Z ownership rising (most of whom are on Instagram day and night 😋).

We believe they are well worth the investment. You can quickly reach all their active followers if you choose the right influencer with your targeted audience. Additionally, working with the right veterinary influencer will drive traffic to your site and increase your veterinary brand equity.

The 6 Influencers in this blog may not be right for your practice, but it should give you a good idea of the potential out there! Give it a try.